• Web Dev & Design
    I've put them together by implementing the latest trend in web development in every platform providing highly responsive UI and interactive UX in my designs.
  • Mobile App Dev
    Whether it's a restaurant, delivery and logistics company or a taxi fleet operator, I develop apps for every business that could run on both Android and iOS devices.

About – What I Offer

Elegant Design

I use only the latest WordPress premium themes and plugins along with Adobe Creative Cloud suite, in designing your website.

Bugs Free Code

No one knows the internet the way I do, I've been building sites since 1993 — long before anyone out there.

Smooth and Fast

Pick your poison: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Wix or Squarespace — I'll build it for you.

Easy to Customize

My websites are highly-responsive and can be customized as far as your imagination goes — that's just how awesome I am at coding.

I'm an Expert – In Web Services


Whether you're using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, or even Raspberry Pi, my designs are compatible and highly-responsive. My experience goes all the way back, I've started using WordPress since 2003 and Shopify on 2009; but as early of 1994, we've been fiddling around with good ol' HTML and I haven't stop even now.

I only use the best and latest software for the job like Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 and we only use all the latest version as we're paying them US$5,998.80/yr plus tax.

By the way, did you know that I'm an Adobe Certified Expert too?

For stock photos, I'm using our Adobe Stock, 123RF, and Shutterstock subscriptions.

I only use premium themes, templates, plugins, and add-ons or our I Build Awesome Website custom theme. 

What sets me above the competition is that during development, you as the project owner wouldn't need to buy premium themes and premium plugins for your web developer or designer. And these although not too expensive adds cost to your project.

With me, you could just purchase these at 50% off as I keep an updated huge library of premium WordPress and Shopify themes, plugins, and add-ons as well as other licensed software packages. We'll sell these at half the price of what CodeCanyon, envatoelements, or Themeforest offers. Let's see anyone beat that.

Oops! I'm not just a web designer — I'm a hardcore developer too, ya know?

I can build anything on the web for you and all you need is your imagination to go along with it.

Check out the development tab to know more.


Backed by years of professional freelancing experience, I've managed to reach this point in my freelancing career where I've enriched my portfolio ten-fold. I've found my success when I was still with Elance and oDesk, I did various remote collab projects for Microsoft Zune, Electronic Arts, T-Mobile, HughesNet, Bell Canada, and Cricket Wireless.

Today, I venture out to cater the digital needs of startups and SMEs with such dedication and passion to help them grow their business and reserve an exclusive niche for them in the ever-growing digital global market.

I provide the following quality services:
• Web Development & Design
• Mobile App Development
• Software as a Service (SaaS) like Trello, Hubspot, and Intercom (Yes, you've read it right. I can build one for you.)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS) example Facebook & OnlyFans (Yes, I can build one for you if you want.)
• Web Hosting
• Instructional Design
• 3D Animation
• Graphic Design & Photo Editing
• Videography & Video Editing
• Audio & Video Transcription

I Build Awesome Website is not an agency; but a husband and wife joint-venture, where we have combined both our diverse professional experiences to give startups and SMEs a shot to e-commerce stardom.

Another thing that sets me apart is my certifications, most remote workers that you could get from onlinejobs.ph aren't good, professionally speaking that is. They simply lack the experience and with zero credentials to back up their qualifications.

You won't need any other freelancer — I'm a full stack developer; so I got you covered on all ends, front and back.

Plus, I've got people who could handle customer service for you and your business.

And yeah, you've read it right. I pride myself with getting certified by industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Facebook among others.

Here's another and I'm letting you in on a lil secret — Remember those closed captions or subtitles in Blu-ray movies you watch? Well, I'm just among the selected few that makes `em. And that shows just how big and good I am.

My small handpicked team has been freelancing for a long, long time and they too know their stuff and with that I deliver.


The internet has been around since 1991 and yet there's still a sizeable business population that hasn't taken advantage of the digital age.

Whether it's intentional or not, there are businesses out there still using old decrepit boxed HTML website.

We believe that global is the new local and only the internet can take your business globally.

While your business might have a Facebook page, it's not as good as having your own e-commerce store especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. At I Build Awesome Website, we can transform any business into an online shop.

What are the benefits of becoming an online store?

  1. You are open to the world
    One of the main advantages of having an online business is that you break the physical barriers . You do not depend on the number of people passing through your street or the number of brochures you have delivered to mailboxes. From the Internet you can sell to the world.

  2. New Customers
    Have you ever been travelling and wished that incredible shop you discovered was in your city? With a local business you can only attract customers who come to your store . With the Internet, it doesn’t matter where customers are, it only matters how good your product are.

  3. New sales options
    Dropshipping is an attractive option for starting a new business and for those who already have one established. If you have a shop, dropshipping allows you to open new lines of products and diversify your revenue streams without making a big investment . Remember that the key is to find a good provider.

  4. Lower costs
    Here there is no doubt, the costs of opening an online store are much lower than if you had to open a local business.

  5. No schedules
    One of the major disadvantages of physical stores versus e-commerce is this. There aren’t any holidays or closing times, your business is operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Thinking of something big, perhaps? Something as big as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, or Lazada? We've done multi-vendor platforms too. And guess what? You can have yours too.


A real web developer knows how to code.
Most WordPress developers out there in onlinejobs.ph don't know shit.
They're a waste of money especially the cheap ones who'd work hourly for $3-7.

So, unless you're into crap and that's how you value your business; then you're free to go.
But if you mean business; then don't get just any developer out there.
I Build Awesome Website is an expert and certified by Google and Adobe.
I've built hundreds of websites and I know how websites should be made.

I've made it easy for you to procure my services as I've streamlined my business processes — it's just like having a walk in the park.

By the end of the project, you'll be provided you with an online documentation to help you with your new digital product.

Oops! Did I mention? I even offer domain and web hosting as well as web maintenance services, in short, if you haven't started your website just yet, I got you fully-covered .

Expert Certification

Stuff I have Done - My Works

The Wellness Project
Zahara Swim
Zahara Creatives
My Pet is Pawsome
Children’s Care Arizona
The YKMD Visual Communication
Mogu Mogu
Oh Fresh Brands
Get Sappe Aloe

Select – The Best Package


Great for personal and startup sites
  • WordPress Freemium Theme & Plugins
  • Blog Perfect
  • No Storefront
  • No Maintenance

A typical website without an online store; but is speed optimized and linked to social media.


Great for SMEs
  • WordPress Premium Theme & Plugins
  • e-Commerce Startup
  • Normal Card Payment
  • Free Web Maintenance*

Perfect online store with complete WooCommerce with payment gateway setup for up to 100 products only.


Great for global businesses
  • WordPress Premium Plugins & Themes
  • Shopify*
  • Custom Coded
  • Free Web Maintenance*

Visually stunning corporate website complete with analytics, marketing, SEO optimized, and more.


Great for Forbes Global 2000
  • Pick your CMS or Platform
  • Free Web Maintenance*
  • iOS Mobile App
  • Android Mobile App

Everything a website should be with its codes all well-documented plus its very own Android and iOS apps.

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