When Offices Cease to Function

In 2020, the world panicked as COVID-19 cases surges and almost everyone was afraid of dying.

Businesses themselves cannot continue to function as governments worldwide were forced to implement curfews and travel restricitons.

With thousands of businesses have to close its operation unable to sustain its operations; while some ended up in bankruptcy, I Build Awesome Website (IBAW) too had to close both its offices in Tempe, Arizona and Clark Freeport Zone, laying off more than 70 remote workers in the process.

Two months after, IBAW founder, Erick Villeta did an unthinkable rebound and said enough is enough. He dumped the idea of having brick and mortar offices and did what he does best — surf the internet.

He googled his way into every crevices of the worldwide web in search of viable options to carry on his business operations.
However, unlike its competitors, I Build Awesome Website is a survivor and it partnered with Kumospace.

Kumospace is a virtual office and virtual events software and eponymous company that develops and maintains it, based in New York City.

One can think of it as a gamified alternative virtual reality were people across the world could meet and talk.

Fast forward to the present, I Build Awesome Website continues to use and take pleasure in using Kumospace in its everyday operations.

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