Oh Fuck! Piinoy HR…

While some people might consider working with Filipinos to be a great experience, I don’t share and totally disagree with this experience. Most Filipinos complicate what would have been a simple and pretty straightforward business processes.

Take Human Resources as a classic example, FIlipina Virtual Assistants (VAs) who work as remote HR staff tend to overcomplicate it by conducting a series of tests, which they themselves wouldn’t surely be able to pass. Through out the application process, they would then ask you a series of questions regarding your qualifications; whereas, they themselves are not even web developers or designers themselves.

It’s pretty much, a barrage of nonsensical and inane questions that would piss off any candidate not unless you’re there begging for a fucking job, which they can’t even afford to pay your hourly rate themselves.

I have worked with a handful of digital marketing agencies and most, if not all of them suck. They’re over-saturated with Filipino staff that makes their business shitty if it’s not already really crappy.

If you’ve got the chance to check out their Linkedin profiles, you’ll discover that these choosy folks have less than 500 connections and having them interview you would be a waste of your time. Here are classic examples of shitty Linkedin profiles:

Be wary of these people, you’ll lose the chance of hiring real professionals and hinder your business growth.

I know these people personally and I know their skill level and they’re crappy graduates of some far-flung colleges or universities in the Philippines.

If your business suffered a loss one time and you’re still working with these scums, get rid of them quickly as possible.

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