Don’t Believe the Magic of Hubstaff

Is it simple a trust issue? Foreign startup owners hire remote workers from platforms, like upwork and that present them with classfied ads-directory sitesthat list remote workers to choose from.

And since most of these remote workers are paid hourly, clients will usually require some sort of time-tracking software to track billable hours.

The whole working relationship begins to crumble when clients find out that their workers are overcharging them.

Enter, Hubstaff, a remote company that provides staff monitoring through time tracking software. The company was founded after its co-founders wanted a better way to manage their team of freelancers.

But is it a failproof solution? The answer is — it’s not.

Hubstaff tracks running apps and visited URLs aside from taking random screenshots of remote workers’ PCs.  However, shrewd and cunning remote workers have found ways to simulate and increase their producitivty levels. This is often done through the use of auto clickers. And while numerous auto clickers can be as simple as a program that simulates mouse clicking. The bad news is that since it is an computer program it is traceable, if not detectable.

To ease the minds of clients, the good news is that 99.9% of your Filipino remorte workers don’t know how easy it is to write their very own auto clicker. And for fuck sake, please don’t ask me why… The hack with it — They’re n00bs!

About 0.1% can write his own auto clicker and this consist only of a seven lines of code.
But since this is not some tut on how to write an auto clicker. I will not give you an example here.

So, I guess it all boils down to one word — “TRUST” and if you’re some cheap cunt who can afford to cheat someone hourly for a couple of bucks go ahead install an auto clicker. Word of advise, Hubstaff wil lbe able to detect it.

However, if you’re a decent pro, stop charging hourly and do a fixed-priced contract.   

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